Situated on a beautiful beachfront in southern Thailand, the Natai residential development achieves site density while maintaining a sense of privacy, luxury, and seclusion. The project consists of one-storey beach level villas, two-storey villas within a sand dune meadow, and a five-storey building placed amid a grove of palm trees. Careful analysis of lines-of-site provides each residence with a unique connection to the beach, ocean, and horizon, all units being oriented for direct and uninterrupted ocean views.

The Natai is nestled within a lush tropical landscape. Its construction integrates specially engineered green roof systems, planted terraces, and a series of growing “green walls” – hanging gardens of creeping vines and lush vegetation. The effect is not only breathtaking, but also breath-giving. This application of “green” technology decreases building temperatures, controls rain water run-off, and has a general cooling and purifying effect on ambient environmental conditions. The buildings are made with local materials and domestic construction techniques. Simple and efficient building forms ensure an ecological use of resources and complement the choreographed relationship between building, garden, and nature.

861 m2 (Phase 1) 2,100 m2 (Phase 2)

Phang Nga, Thailand

In Progress (Phase 1 Complete)

Support Documents
“The Natai” by Bruce Stanley. Indigo, Vol.2, 2007, p. 26-27.