The Bluepoint Residences, a 21 unit luxury residential development, is set on a headland overlooking Pattong Bay and the Andaman Sea. The building’s exterior is treated as a dynamic surface to modulate light, shade, and views. The primary objective is simultaneously to open residences to breathtaking panoramic views while maximizing solar shading and privacy.

Modular louvered screens form a dynamic layer grafted onto the building skin. Subtle shifts in plane and distortion of surfaces transform explicit apertures into gradients of transparency. Degrees of opacity shift relative to orientation and light. This system reduces heat-gain by more than 60%, thus increasing human comfort and lowering energy usage. Constructed of a light-weight wood-plastic composite, made primarily of waste sawdust, the louvered system uses economical construction techniques and manufacturing processes. Lattice canopies and timber salas supplement the louver system and sit atop planted roof terraces. Their construction and design are inspired by local traditional crafts. A series of cascading pools and gardens interconnect the buildings and frame landscape views.

3,500 m2


In Progress

Support Documents
“Modern vs. Traditional: an Interview with Paul Raff” by Bruce Stanley.
Indigo, Vol.1, 2004, p. 14-17.