The design concept of the 23 has Nexus Park City Development master plan presents a series of ‘fingers’ of housing woven into a series of ‘fingers’ of parks. These parks connect to each other and to the Yangchun River green space to the east with a network of paths. Each park has a distinct design, endowing it with a unique identity, evoking a community spirit, and creating relationships that inspirit its inhabitants. Every house has views of, and exclusive direct access to, the grounds, allowing children to exit out of their back yards into the park without having to cross a street. The parks will also play a significant role in the ecology of the site by providing oxygen, microclimates, animal habitats, and natural storm water management. This will help to realize the goal that this plan may become a model of sustainable community planning.

23 ha

Changchun, China


Project by:
RVTR (Paul Raff, Kathy Velikov, Geoff Thun, Colin Ripley)