Set in the rolling pastoral countryside of Perth County, Ontario, the design of the Festival Amphitheater accentuates one’s experience of its natural setting. Three landscape elements—orchard, lawn, and bowl—are connected and enriched by three folded roof or shelter elements—restaurant, entry trellis, and stage canopy. These elements sit like origami flowers in a flourishing garden landscape. Visitors immediately appreciate the quieter rural environment and garden experience upon leaving their vehicles (cars and buses are parked near the entrance). The shade of trees, the colours of flowers and blossoms, and the scents of flowers and herbs planted along the paths become intrinsic to one’s visit. Furthermore, visitors are encouraged to picnic and relax on the lawns, or to enjoy a fine meal, featuring local foods and wines, at The Orchard Restaurant, set amongst the fruit trees.

7,187 m2

Perth County, Canada

Project by:
RVTR (Paul Raff, Kathy Velikov, Geoff Thun, Colin Ripley)