This project proposes a renovation and adaptive re-use of an 1895 warehouse building located in Montreal, Canada. As a work/live space for a filmmaker, new programmatic areas include a film studio, painting gallery, living loft, as well as a 3rd story mezzanine addition with an outdoor roof terrace. The architecture seeks to coalesce these divergent functions into a collective space which is transparent, flexible and highly adaptive.

The entrance is accessed through the garage. A bespoke curved glass garage wall connects the entrance to the studio space. A sculpted curving stair which also acts as a light shaft creates a dramatic focal point for the studio level. A loft style living space is arranged on the second level in a series of ‘plug-in’ bays for fluid programming. The roof level addition extends out to a planted roof terrace by means of mechanized horizontal louvers. A large light well connects the addition to all levels. The project fuses elements of the old and new while delivering a high level of comfort and performance for both living and working.

480 m2

Montreal, Canada

Under Construction

Julia Bourke Architecture