• Horizon Light Wall Project

Horizon Light Wall is a permanent installation to be integrated into the entry of a large mixed-use development in downtown Toronto. This development is situated at the former shoreline of Lake Ontario prior to early 20th Century land-reclamations. That the shoreline existed at this location is difficult to perceive and little known. This installation seeks to make it perceptible and poetically resonant.

Horizon Light Wall considers the phenomenal conditions of shoreline, gesturing to the mercurial and mesmerizingly expansive line between water and sky. It evokes an uninterrupted panoramic view, luminous light reflecting off the lake, constantly changing colour fields, and the essence of limitless space.

Framed with a field of horizontal louvers, the work questions our sense of space and projects a vision of the beyond, the evanescent, and even the non-existent.

162 m2

Toronto, Canada

In Progress

LED lighting, aluminum extrusions, paint, custom electronics