Galleon House provides generous amenities for a multi-generational family with superb function and flow.

The design firmly establishes the building within the heritage context of its neighbourhood, mediating between past and present with astute attention to detail. With its play of texture and shadow, the subtle brickwork pattern gives a three-dimensional, tactile quality to the façade and knits the house together. The windows are composed to take advantage of light and view, while strategically managing solar heat gain to minimize energy costs. This promotes a bright and spacious feel to the home, while maintaining a feeling of tranquility and privacy with artfully framed views.

Centered on the open living space, a beautiful ribbon-like staircase stitches different levels of the home together with a sinuous flow from one level to the next. The stair culminates at the top floor where it is brightly illuminated from above. The third storey is a private sanctuary set back from the main brick façade. Its large windows reflect the mature trees; together with the wood cladding, the architecture feels more subdued, allowing nature to take center stage.

Within a compact, high-performance form, the beauty, versatility, and economy of this home is reminiscent of a fine galleon ship.

451.88 m2

Toronto, Canada


This Multi-Generation Home Is Not Your Grandmother’s Brick Pile“, Designlines, Matthew Hague, 2023-2024.