Set in the Argentine Pampas, the Jumeirah Culu Culu Polo Resort spreads over a natural expanse of over 1000 acres. Representing a new era for Argentinean resort property, the luxury estate is the world’s first specialized multi-field polo and equestrian estate. Bordering on over 60 hectares of lakes and bird sanctuaries, the facility incorporates a luxury villa resort, spa, restaurants, hotel, clubhouse and other recreational amenities.

The development of the Jumeirah Culu Culu Onyx Villas celebrates the culture of polo and Argentine lifestyle. A series of luxurious villas are set within the hotel complex. To blend elegant living with a sporting lifestyle, the architecture treats both elements within a single composition. Boundaries between interior and exterior spaces are rendered indistinct in a variety of ways. Sculpted platforms extend from the residences to provide an elevated outdoor room for entertainment and uninterrupted views of polo matches. The strong horizontal character of the Argentine pampas is emphasized through fluid elements such as waterfalls, horse troughs, and salt pools. As extensions of landscape, these features complement the movement and whispering sound of field grasses. Inspired by Argentina’s natural landscape, always proximal, the architecture is highly textural, light, and free flowing.

808 m2


In Progress

RVTR (Paul Raff, Kathy Velikov, Geoff Thun, Colin Ripley)