Paul Raff - Heroes Reborn - 01 Paul Raff - Heroes Reborn - 02

Mirage and Echo House were recently featured as location backdrops in NBC’s Heroes Reborn‘s Chapter One (Brave New World) and Chapter Five (The Lion’s Den).

Paul Raff - Heroes Reborn - 19 Paul Raff - Heroes Reborn - 14

A continuation of NBC’s critically acclaimed television series Heroes, the miniseries Heroes Reborn chronicles the life of ordinary people who manifest extraordinary abilities. Actor Jack Coleman reprises his role as Noah Bennet, and Zachary Levi and Judi Shekon play vengeful Luke and Joanne Collins.

Paul Raff - Heroes Reborn - 17 Paul Raff - Heroes Reborn - 23

It is fun to see both Mirage and Echo House under a supernatural motif—an element we had not considered for our award-winning public artwork and residence.

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