As seen in our January 2015 newsletter, Echo House garnered accolades across numerous international magazines and websites in the past year, here is a sampling:

Paul Raff Studio Architect Toronto

In June 2014, the Architectural Record chose Echo House to be one of its the featured houses. Architectural Record describes how Paul Raff Studio sought to achieve “a house intimately connected to nature, tradition, and the needs of its residents.”


In July 2014, Interior Design Magazine highlighted unique aspects of the 16,200-square-foot interior, “to finesse just such a renovation and expansion for a Toronto family of Asian descent, Paul Raff Studio Architects relied on screens, minimal yet decorative, to add a layer of richness to the simplicity.”


“Tradition, environment and functionality on an impressive scale,” stated Modern Toronto of Echo House. “Focusing on the main goals of functionality for socializing and entertaining, reflection of the owner’s Asian-Canadian heritage, and the importance of sustainability and environment, the design of the home reflects these values.”


“A fresh interpretation of the grand modern home in a more free, more fluent architectural language” says John Bentley Mays in International Architecture Design Magazine`s 13-page Fall 2014 feature of Echo House.